In-app FUNdraising Capabilities

Recognize Members

Private Digital Chamber Albums

Collect Authentic Content

Real-time. App-based. Chamber-event embraced.

From the many angles and perspectives of your chamber's events, instantly turn your members into a fleet of mobile photographers and videographers.

Perfect for events of all shapes and sizes.

grouvEvent - Golf Outings, Annual Meetings, Galas/Celebrations, Luncheons/Workshops, Major Fundraisers, Business Expos, Parades, and more...

Authentic, in-the-moment, member-generated content.

 All photos and videos from the event made available for your chamber's own marketing and communication purposes. Recognize your members, and tell the story of what your chamber is doing in the community.

Leave your mark on the event. 

grouveMark - Powerful watermarks that can be applied to photos throughout the event. Further brand your chamber, further brand your event, and add an element of creativity/context to the content.

Sample logos.

Drive non-dues revenue.

 No, we can't print your chamber money, unfortunately. 

But our platform can help you creatively FUNdraise through the in-app grouveMark feature.

Create visibility for your event sponsors by offering them grouveMarks. Sell as a new sponsorship package, or as a value-add to an existing package.

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What Chambers are saying....

I have witnessed the effect the app has had on our industry allowing small and large Chambers to solve an age-old question… “Did anyone get photos of that event?”. The app adds value not only by assisting in the promotion of our events, but also by bringing our members and event attendees together. Using the app allows the Chamber to promote FUN! through photos and videos while engaging attendees at the events.

- Scott Henke

President/CEO, Hartford Chamber of Commerce

The app provides a great tool for a staff of limited size to access a great volume of content for use across many marketing channels. By encouraging participants to use the app, photos and videos were available for marketing purposes in real-time, from all corners.

- Brian Otten

Marketing Manager, Wausau Region Chamber of Commerce

The app has gone over extremely well. We have a great collection of photos from our last couple of events. I’m looking forward to continued use.

- Savanna Collier

Events/Programs Director, Fort Madison Partners

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